Pre-Development and Due Diligence Investigations

Our Predevelopment Services help owners understand their property and what they can design and construct on it.  Our Pre-Development team can verify zoning requirements, setbacks, determine if the property is located in any Overlay Districts, verify utility services (obtain letters of availability), perform wetland delineations, check FEMA Floodplain Records to ensure that before any design begins that the owner knows the constraints of their property.  MASS Engineering and Consultants professionals can work diligently in identifying and overcoming these challenges, resolving issues and negotiating solutions with local jurisdictions.

Rezoning and Variance Package Representation

MASS Engineering and Consultants has the ability to prepare and file Rezoning Requests and Variance Packages on the client’s behalf.  In addition MASS Engineering and Consultants has been successful in organize and conduct neighborhood meetings to present projects to HOA’s and have successfully address concerns while negotiating a middle ground for successful projects.

Site Planning

Our knowledgeable professionals will review the subject property of interest and review the local ordinances to understand what can be developed on the property of interest.  MASS Engineering and Consultants will then design a Master Site Plan that works with the properties topographic and zoning restrictions to help the owner understand what is achievable with their property.

Civil Engineering and Site Design

MASS Engineering and Consultants is a full service Civil Engineering Company that specializes in Commercial, Retail, and Industrial Development Design and Permitting.  Sites Range from 1 acre Developments to 300+ Acre Mixed-Use Developments.  In addition MASS Engineering and Consultants has experience in Medical and Office planning and design.

Program Management

MASS Engineering and Consultants is an owner-advocate, protecting their interest by understanding owner goals and priorities.  We assist by organizing, quantifying and managing the complex array of tasks defined by project scope.  Our approach brings together expertise and management tools for controlling a project, optimizing schedules and managing budget performance.

Construction Management

MASS Engineering and Consultants can provide piece of mind knowing that your construction project will be constructed on budget, on-time, while meeting all design specification.  MASS Engineering and Consultants can provide construction oversight services for your project reporting to the owner on their contractor’s progress.  We can also help your contractor stay incompliance with local and state agencies to avoid costly finds and construction delays due to permitting agencies shutting down projects.

Sustainable Planning (LEED Accredited Professionals)

Our project management professionals are proficient in addressing standards for environmentally sustainable construction. We are proficient in the sustainable design principles set by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.  Our LEED Accredited Professionals (APs) can assess LEED potential of a property, e.g., smart location & proximity to key infrastructure for green design points as outlined  by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Cost Engineering / Value Engineering

MASS Engineering and Consultants can help manage your capital project, from conducting simple cost estimates to providing comprehensive quantification detail for each activity of any given project.  Our experienced professionals will give you the information you need to formulate smarter objectives, better strategies, and ongoing improvement to effectively manage and lead your capital project to completion.

Permitting and Inspections

We will determine all approvals, processes and codes required for zoning and development, site plan approval, building permit, grease trap, septic, water and sewer, and Certificate of Occupancy requirements.  We will also determine which State and Federal agencies may have jurisdiction and determine their approval process.